Dust and harmful gases can cause immediate and long-term respiratory problems. Wearing protective equipment is vitally important when working in a situation where there is the potential for respiratory hazard:

Working in dusty buildings or fields
Entering silos or manure pits
Handling moldy hay
Applying pesticides or fertilizers

Depending on the specific hazard, failing to wear the proper respirator, or wearing it improperly, can result in health effects ranging from temporary discomfort to long-term lung problems and even death.  Wearing the appropriate type of respirator is key when facing airborne hazards. A respirator is any device designed to provide protection against the inhalation of a potentially hazardous contaminant. The following steps are essential: select a respirator type that has been approved for the specific respiratory hazard involved choose a style that fits the user properly carefully read and follow all manufacturer instructions for the respirator's use and maintenance. At Safety Equipment Company we can help you choose the right equipment for your situation. Call us today at 417-862-2238 for more information. 

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